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George & the missing Wise Man!

December 2001

George is the "last of a litter" that I picked up from the RSPCA Society seven years ago. He replaced my cat Shamus who died from kidney failure. This is his seventh Christmas with us. He has yellow eyes and soft, black hair that's a pleasure to run your fingers through. George has become an important member of the family and we all love him immensely. I've spent several pounds on cat toys, but he won't have a thing to do with them. Instead, he loves chasing a rolled up ball of paper, which he'll bring back to you so you throw it again. I think he has a little "dog" in him!

Last Christmas it was a chore to keep him away from the Christmas Tree. Despite putting a guard around the tree, he somehow managed to get to it and knock off ornaments, which he would bat around for a while.

This year, he hasn't touched the tree. He has found something even better! We have put up a Nativity Scene with little statuettes of all the main characters. He is fascinated by the three wise men, every morning since the scene has been up, a wise man has been missing.

It takes a while before the missing wise man turns up, usually in George's basket or behind the settee. One time we could not find the missing statuette, we knew George had taken it off somewhere but could not find it anywhere. None of us had time to keep looking, so we had to forget about it for the time being.

Later that evening we got talking about what movies we would like to see when suddenly George appeared miaowing very loudly. We were not sure what George wanted, he would not let us pick him up which was very unusual. I went to the kitchen to make sure his food tray and water was all okay, and it was. He was still miaowing at us, so we decided to pet him awhile and throw some balls of paper for him. He would not have anything to do with anything! We were very puzzled by his behaviour and could not think what was wrong with him! Eventually, Danny my youngest son decided to take George outside for a while... all was quite again.

Danny was soon back indoors and George with him. As soon as George was put down his loud miaowing started again, we had no idea what was wrong! We soon found out!

When we decided to call it a night and go to bed we were in for a surprise! Right in the middle of the bed was the statuette of the missing wise man and with it was a live Robin bird! A little Robin Redbreast bird, we were so stunned! Somehow the bird had got through a small opening in our bedroom window and could not get back out. George had the run of the house and usually slept on the bed in the early evening, it was now obvious what all the miaowing was for! Some little bird had taken George's nice little spot on the bed! What really surprised us all was the fact that George had not tried to attack the little Redbreast Robin!

The Robin was not in shock or not harmed in any way, we opened the windows of the bedroom and left the room for a while, taking George with us. After ten minutes we returned to the bedroom to find the Robin had found its way out to freedom. We have now decided to have a bird table on our garden, protected from George of course. Who would have believed a little Robin would cause a big strong tomcat as George to complain? George was soon back sleeping in his favourite spot on the bed.



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