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This page is dedicated to your stories about your pets - amusing, true or fictional stories are welcome, and if possible a picture that relates to the story. Please e-mail stories to:
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  Tinkerbell - First Memories

My first memory of a pet cat takes me back to the late fifties early sixties and to a wonderful patchy black and white pet cat named Tinkerbell. My clearest memory of Tinkerbell was she or he (I cannot remember if Tinkerbell was male or female!) always followed me to infant school and at night either slept on top of the bed or underneath the bed.

Tinkerbell was a real mouser, a really big cat who was also very loving, Tinkerbell always came to me when called. This gave me a great affinity for all living creatures and for all of nature. I consider myself very fortunate that Tinkerbell took a liking to me, and had such a considerable influence on me at such an early age.

Padraig - April 1999

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The Toilet Mystery

From the Windy City to Sunny California

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Blind Benson

Puska A little ginger female who had a bad start in life.

Claudia and Sandy - Two little sisters.

Tinkerbell - A rescued little kitten.

Shades of Scarlett By Marion Carter

"Paws For Thought"
Cats eye up fish returning to a cleaner River Thames (UK)

Online version of: The Cat Burglar by Mike Blanche.
An intriguing cattish story. This is a large page - if you wish to download the story for off-line reading please choose the following file.
To download click the following: Download Burglar.Txt Size: 69,693

Cats In Space by Mike Blanche.

Tickles - A very friendly Park Cat.

My Friend Misty By Kelly aged 8.

Laffy and Family From: Alice and Derek Hunter.

Beautiful Sammy & Rosie From Rich Bailey.

Sooty and Tinker From: Karen Williams.

My Feline Friend Mew-Mew From: Katherine Johnson.

A week from my female Cat "Jingles" Purrsonal Journal From: Carla Jameson.

Scooter (aka: Ugly) - A very moving story. From: Nick Smith.

My Little Baby Frisky From: Jenny Cartwright.

Frodo From: Sue Dalton.

Mischief From: Barbara Toloczko.

Missy From: Felicity & Joseph Jameson.

Phenix & Chi Chi From: Charisma Green

Greta & Paddy-pooh From: Mimmi Garth

Jinx & Minx From: Mary Kerson

Eannie and Meannie From: Marcia Richards

Jeramiah - The Hole-In-The-Wall Cat! From: Ellen, Roy & Kahlua (USA)

Gabby - A very Talkative Cat! From: Lucy Rice (UK)

A Very Happy Cat Owner From Annie Gleeson

Booker And Seth From: Kevin

Tabitha - The Lost Kitten From: Emma Tyler

Our Cat Lucky From: Pauline Reynolds

Tom Tom-cat From: William A. Fabian - Texas, USA.

What Makes Us Happy By Goodison and Barlow (Who own Debbie Garbutt).

Sam - The Little Bundle Of Fur From: Jonathon Jenkins.

Tamsin and Jago By Marion Carter.

Bo Bo The Macaw Not exactly a cattish story...

Miss MeMe From: Patricia Roberts.

Tiddles From: Byron Jones


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