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"...the only identification that would be inscribed on any cat's collar would be - This is the cat's cat."
Elmer Davis, "On Being Kept by a Cat"

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 Cats Sleep Anywhere
 The Kitten And The Falling Leaves
 St. Jerome's Cat
 Ode to Spot
 Five Little Eyes

Psyche - Elissa Michele Zacher
Anika - Elissa Michele Zacher
For I Will Consider My Cat Jeoffry - Christopher Smart
Lost... And Found - Mike Blanche
Beautiful Kitten Poppy Sparrow - Georgia Sparrow
Le Madame du Café Montmartre - Kelly Bodeaux
The Goddess Remembers - Terri Beckett
To My Mom & Dad With Love (A Cat's Eulogy) - Karen Post
Jasmine My Beautiful British Blue - Alison
Cleonine - Vivien Steels
White Chin - Vivien Steels
This Tail - Carly Svamvour
'Tis Lonely Here In Prison - Jim Willis
Enigma - Larry Franz
Memories - Trevor & Susan
Moggy Mania - Mrs BJ Poskitt
How Many Nights? - Jeannie S
The Stray Ginger Kitten - Cynthia Cratchett
Beyond The Pearly Gates - Karen C Fahel
Bob The Cat - Jane Webb
Teddy's Supper - Elizabeth Loft
The Stray Cat - A Poem For Children - Rebecca Hobbs
Family Ties - D Blakeman-Barratt
There She Goes Again! - Danny Curtis
In Memory Of My Beloved Mubsy - Teena
In Memory Of My Beloved Pumpkin - Teena
Please Don't Call Me Fluffy - Joy Jones
Wabba Poo - Joy Jones
The Cat With Many Names - Joy Jones
Harry Is So Funny - Vanessa Sabin
Cats Cats Cats - Karen Cursons
Jett & Gobi (Poems) - S.J.
Oh Wicked George - Roger Lawrence
Cat Mia - Andrew
Buckingham Puss - Karen Cursons
Sisters! Ellie & Maisy - Rebecca, Daniel & Jill
My Loyal Mogs - Gemma Sweeney
My Friend - My Cat Dinky - Gillian Kelley
For Gorby & Gorby - Elizabeth Bigland
A Tribute To Smudge - Elizabeth Bigland
Ying & Yang - Leanne Conway
The Ducking Fog And Cooking Fat - Bob Fiddaman
Chemist's Cat   Holiday Time   Playtime - Margi
Sam The Skull - Harry Hagan
A Poem For A New Puppy Owner - Judith Belsham Singer
The Cat Of The House - Ford Madox Ford
The Monk & His Cat Pangur - Eighth Century Irish Monk
The New Kitten Story - Author Unknown
Delicious Dreams - William Cowper (1731 - 1800)
If It Should Be - Author Unknown
Cat & Rain - Jan Oskar Hansen
Somebody's Cat - Author Unknown
Pinkle Purr - A. A. Milne
A Kitten Complains! - Author Unknown
Pussycat - Mrs Hawkshaw
My Best Friend - Denise Brixey
My Cat - Debbie Garbutt
Sami's Last Time Out! - Margi Bowman
Rooney Watching TV! - Rooney (& Pauline)
Harley's Dance - Pauline Mitchell
Kitty's Bedtime Prayer - Author Unknown
Was your life meaningless? - Polycarp Kusch
Milk For The Cat - Harold Munro
The Naming Of Kittens - Thomas Hood
The Cat and the Moon - William Butler Yeats
Dish Bottom Phobia! - Bam Bam & Sharon Goodman
Cats and Birds! - Louisa McDonald
Mr. Mousy's Encounter - Martha Franks
Cat! - Eleanor Farjeon (1881 - 1965)
There's A Cat On My Head - Terri Crawford - USA
Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats - Thomas Stearns Eliot
Rescued Cat - Arlene Pace
The Purrfect Friend - Lauri Richmond
Poor Pussy- Samuel Laycock
Festive Feelings - Padraig
All about Cats!   Because I'm Only Human
Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep
How to Give Cat a Pill   Christmas Kitten - Christmas Morning
Dear Santa   Hamlet's Cat   What is a Cat?   Christmas Box

Two cats (Diamond Cut Diamond)

Two Cats
One up a tree
One under the tree
The cat up a tree is he
The cat under the tree is she
The tree is witch elm, just incidentally.
He takes no notice of she, she takes no notice of he.
He stares at the woolly clouds passing, she stares at the tree.
There's been a lot written about cats, by Old Possum, Yeats and Company
But not Alfred de Musset or Lord Tennyson or Poe or anybody
Wrote about one cat under, and one cat up, a tree.
God knows why this should be left for me
Except I like cats as cats be
Especially one cat up
And one cat under
A witch elm

Ewart Milne (1903-1987)

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Cats Sleep Anywhere

Cats sleep anywhere, any table, any chair.
Top of piano, window-ledge, in the middle, on the edge.
Open drawer, empty shoe, anybody's lap will do.
Fitted in a cardboard box, in the cupboard with your frocks.
Anywhere! They don't care! Cats sleep anywhere.

Eleanor Farjeon (1881 - 1965)

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The Kitten And The Falling Leaves

That way look, my infant, lo!
What a pretty baby-show!
See the kitten on the wall,
sporting with the leaves that fall.
Withered leaves - one - two and three
from the lofty elder tree.
Though the calm and frosty air,
of this morning bright and fair.
Eddying round and round they sink,
softly, slowly; one might think.
From the motions that are made,
every little leaf conveyed
Sylph or Faery hither tending,
to this lower world descending.
Each invisible and mute,
in his wavering parachute.

But the Kitten, how she starts,
crouches, stretches, paws, and darts!
First at one, and then its fellow,
just as light and just as yellow.
There are many now - now one,
now they stop and there are none:
What intenseness of desire,
in her upward eye of fire!
With a tiger-leap half-way,
now she meets the coming prey.
lets it go as fast, and then;
Has it in her power again.
Now she works with three or four,
like an Indian conjuror;
quick as he in feats of art,
far beyond in joy of heart.
Where her antics played in the eye,
of a thousand standers-by,
clapping hands with shout and stare,
what would little Tabby care!
For the plaudits of the crowd?
Over happy to be proud,
over wealthy in the treasure
of her exceeding pleasure!

William Wordsworth (1770-1850)

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St. Jerome's Cat

St. Jerome in his study kept a great big cat,
it's always in his pictures, with its feet upon the mat.
Did he give it milk to drink, in a little dish?
When it came to Friday's, did he give it fish?
If I lost my little cat, I'd be sad without it;
I should ask St. Jerome what to do about it.

I should ask St. Jerome, just because of that,
for he's the only saint I know who kept a kitty cat.


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Ode to Spot

Data & Spot

Felix Catus, is your taxonomic nomenclature,
an endothermic quadruped carnivorous by nature?
Your visual, olfactory and auditory senses
contribute to your hunting skills, and natural defenses.

I find myself intrigued by your subvocal oscillations,
a singular development of cat communications
that obviates your basic hedonistic predilection
for a rhythmic stroking of your fur, to demonstrate affection.

A tail is quite essential for your acrobatic talents;
you would not be so agile if you lacked its counterbalance.
And when not being utilized to aide in locomotion,
it often serves to illustrate the state of your emotion.

O Spot, the complex levels of behaviour you display
connote a fairly well-developed cognitive array.
And though you are not sentient, Spot, and do not comprehend,
I nonetheless consider you a true and valued friend.

By Commander Data - United Federation of Planets

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Five Little Eyes

In Hans' old mill his three black cats
watch his bins for the thieving rats.
Whisker and claw, they crouch in the night,
their five eyes smouldering green and bright.
Squeaks from the flour sacks, squeaks from where.
The cold wind stirs on the empty stair,
squeaking and scampering, everywhere.

Then down they pounce, now in, now out,
at whisking tail, and sniffing snout.
While lean old Hans he snores away,
till peep of light at break of day.
Then up he climbs to his creaking mill,
out come his cats all grey with meal.
Jekkel, and Jessup, and one-eyed Jill.

Walter (John) De La Mare (1873-1956)

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