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Smokey Paws Is Saving Pets Lives' Across The United Kingdom

Smokey Paws

Smokey Paws is a not for profit organisation on a big pet lifesaving mission. Smokey Paws aims to get specially designed pet oxygen masks into the UK fire service and wherever multiple animals exist such as wildlife sanctuaries, kennels and catteries so that pets have a better chance of survival.

With 46 percent of UK households owning pets and with over 42,000 housefires in the UK alone last year, there is no wonder over 2 Million Brits have lost pets in housefires, not to mention how many animals could come to need them in wildlife sanctuaries and rehoming centres.

Smokey Paws believes that if oxygen is available at the scene it should be used as effectively as possible, alongside specially shaped pet oxygen masks that would enable the pet to get 95 percent to 100 percent oxygen as opposed to only 5 percent if using the human oxygen masks.

Smokey Paws was set up by Brian Lockyer and Lynn Carberry. It started when they were discussing how they would get their Labrador out in a house fire and they noticed that these pet oxygen masks are widely available in America but were not available yet here in the UK.

Smokey Paws Founder Brian Lockyer says "Specially designed pet oxygen masks are more effective on pets than the human masks often used to try and revive pets by first responders. By providing one special animal oxygen kit for each fire engine in the country as well as providing them to sanctuaries and shelters, we hope to enable first responders to save even more animals lives."

Smokey Paws still has a long way to go in their animal lifesaving mission and they are looking for as much support as possible. Emma Johnson, fundraiser at Smokey Paws said "We urge anyone who is interested in supporting us, from businesses to community groups and individuals to get in touch with us today. Together we can save more pets lives."

Please contact via email@ - or call 07340-754408 today for more information on how you could help.

Smokey Paws




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