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'12 Lives Of A 21st Century Cat' Report 2005

Reprinted with Express Permission from Masterfoods.

May 2005

Introduction: The latest research from the cat experts at Whiskas® shows that, with the improvements and advances in feline care and nutrition, cats are living longer and rather than just having nine lives - they are more likely to have up to 12.

This report looks at the growth and development of cat care and the effect it has had on the three lifestages of cats, resulting in an 'extra three' fun-and-fulfilled lives.

Cats are still a popular pet choice in the UK, and the image of old ladies with their cats has become outdated as more young people are choosing to own a cat and take on the nurturing role of caring for a pet before starting a family. Cats are also a popular choice of pet for a family with young children and it seems that kittens have all the attributes to make a women purr even more so than a man can.

The Whiskas experts at the Waltham Centre are continuing their efforts to research and develop a range of balanced, nutritious and convenient food and care products for every lifestage to ensure that cats are able to live long and happy healthy lives.

Summary of report below:

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